School Uniform

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  • children in their uniform

    The Woodlands Community Primary School colours are navy, red and white. All items of uniform are available at local department stores.  Please clearly label all your child's clothing (including Wellington boots).

    Girls Winter Uniform

    Navy Skirt or Pinafore Dress
    Red Sweatshirt
    White and Red Polo Shirt

    Girls Summer Uniform

    Red Gingham Dress
    White Socks

    Boys Winter Uniform

    Navy Trousers (not jeans)
    Red Sweatshirt
    White and Red Polo Shirt

    Boys Summer Uniform

    Navy shorts
    White and Red Polo Shirt


    Black trainers or shoes. Sandals can be worn in summer.

    PE Kit

    In the Infants, children work in vests, pants and bare feet for indoor activities. For outdoor activities (warm weather only) children work in shorts, tee shirts and plimsolls. In the Juniors, children wear shorts, tee shirts and plimsolls for all activities. PE kits should be brought to school at the beginning of the half term and hung on the child’s peg. They will then be sent home every half term to be washed.

    Please ensure that your child can dress/undress unaided. It is also essential that your child DOES NOT wear jewellery to school on P.E. days. If this is not possible, could you please make sure that earrings (N.B. NO HOOP EARRINGS ARE ALLOWED) are covered with a piece of sticking plaster.