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    Torfaen Catering run a free Breakfast Club for all children at the school which starts at 8.15am and serves a healthy range of food. The school has access to an After School Club which is organised by Playworks. Places will need to be booked at the beginning of the Autumn Term.  In the Juniors, a range of clubs are on offer throughout the year. Further details are available on request. These clubs are provided free of charge and run at the discretion of teachers. If any child’s behaviour falls below an acceptable standard, they will not be allowed to continue attending.

    The breakfast offered should be healthy. There are four food groups – they are milk based drinks or products; cereals – not sugar coated; fruit; breads. Each child attending the breakfast session should be provided with the option of having one item from each of the four groups set out below.


    Food Group: Milk based drinks and products


    Food Group: Cereals – not sugar coated*

    *to avoid adding sugar, children should be encouraged to use fresh fruit and dried fruit as sweeteners.


    Food Group: Fruit


    Food Group: Breads

    Note: where required a low fat polyunsaturated spread should be used and similarly a reduced sugar jam.

    For variety, other food items could be introduced one or two days a week. Suitable items are listed below:

    Milk – yoghurts. Breads – muffins; crumpets; hot cross buns; teacakes.

    Fruit – smoothies.

    Drinking water should also be available to children during the breakfast session.