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    Your child can either bring sandwiches to school or have school dinners. We offer a hot and cold option daily and there’s always lots of variety to choose from (See menu below).

    School meals are provided by Torfaen Catering, in the school hall. Meals are cooked on the premises.

    Provision is made for children to eat sandwiches but parents are asked to ensure that drinks brought to school are carried in a well sealed container. In the interests of the safety of children, please do not send hot or fizzy drinks and drinks in glass bottles.

    School dinners cost £2.30 for Foundation Phase and £2.40 for Key Stage 2. Please remember to top up your online account regularly. You can do this by clicking here.

    Midday Supervisors manage the children at lunchtime. Children having school dinners are not permitted to leave the premises unless a request is made in writing, by the parents, to the Headteacher.

    A good standard of behaviour is expected at lunch time.  If any child continually misbehaves you may be asked to have him/her at home for lunch.

    Application forms for free meals are available to all families and can be collected from the School office or downloaded here.

    View our Packed Lunch Policy here.

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